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El Paso Prince

El Paso Prince

U.S., Gulf of Mexico Block EB 1003

Landmark: World’s first mini-TLP constructed to support producing wellheads

The Prince tension-leg platform is located in 1,450 ft (440 m) of water on Ewing Bank Block 1003 in the Gulf of Mexico. El Paso owns and managed the design and construction of the TLP and related oil and gas pipelines at Prince field 120 miles (190 km) south of New Orleans. Oil output began in the third quarter of 2001 via the Poseidon pipeline.

The platform will process production from future oil and gas developments in the Ewing Bank and Green Canyon. The Prince platform includes the first mini-TLP hull constructed to support producing wellheads and has a displacement of 14,400 tons, a hull weight of 3,500 tons and a payload of 6,000 tons.

The deck and facilities include a three-level, 50,000 ft2 (4,600 m2) deck with a capacity of 50,000 bopd and 80 mmcf/d of natural gas, as well as the capacity to accommodate a workover or completion rig and future subsea well tiebacks. The design of the Prince TLP features a passive spring tensioner rather than a conventional hydraulic system to support the wellheads. It is the first time this type of technololgy is being used on small to mid-sized fields.

  • Contract Award: 2000
  • Sales: Houston, Texas
  • Fabrication: Houston, Texas
  • Service Base: Houston, Texas
  • Host Type: Mini-TLP
  • Contract Type: EPC