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Chevron Blind Faith

Chevron Blind Faith

U.S., Gulf of Mexico Blocks MC 695 and 696

Landmark: FMC's first high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) EHXT System (280-300F (140-150C) at 15,000 psi); first use of FMC's Torus IV SHD H-4 wellhead connector

The Blind Faith discovery is located in the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi Canyon 696, approximately 160 miles (257 km) southeast of New Orleans, Louisiana. The water depth in the area is approximately 7,000 ft (2,134 m). The subsea production system provided by FMC Technologies is designed for 280-300F (140-150C) and 15,000 psi and operated by electro-hydraulic control system. The 5"x2" Enhanced Horizontal Trees (EHXT) will be API Fluid class "HH", with the manifold as "EE+". Round-trip pigging capability is incorporated into the manifold design. The overall system is pre-engineered to add downhole gas lift via the tree in the future.

  • Contract Award: 2005
  • Sales: Houston, Texas
  • Fabrication Trees: Houston, Texas
  • Fabrication Controls: Houston, Texas
  • Service Base: Houston, Texas
  • Host Type: FPO
  • Contract Type: EPC