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BP Atlantis

BP Atlantis Manifold

U.S., Gulf of Mexico Blocks GC 697, 698 and 743

Landmark: World’s first project using hot-water hydrate remediation system

The Atlantis field is located along the Sigsbee Escarpment in the Gulf of Mexico, 150 miles (240 km) south of New Orleans, in 6,760 ft (2,060 m) of water. The field is part of the Southern Green Canyon trend, lying adjacent to the Mad Dog and Neptune discoveries and to the south of Holstein. Based on data from appraisal drilling in the field, Atlantis is now believed to have reserves of 575 mmbod, making it the third-largest field discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. The field will be developed with 22 wells. First production is scheduled to begin in 2006.

Atlantis is being developed using a moored semisubmersible with subsea trees tied back to the host using Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs). The produced oil and gas fluids will be exported by means of the Mardi Gras 24" oil pipeline and the 16" natural gas pipeline. The production facilities will be designed for 150,000 bopd, 75,000 bpd of produced water and 180 mmcs/d of natural gas processing capacity. To support the host facility, a separate moored or dynamically positioned deepwater rig (LTDU - Long-Term Development Unit) will be contracted for all drilling, completion and well-intervention work.

  • Contract Award: 2002 (Ph I);  2003 (Ph II); 2005E (Ph III)
  • Sales: Houston, Texas
  • Fabrication: Houston, Texas
  • Service Base: Houston, Texas
  • Host Type: FPS-Semi
  • Contract Type: Frame Agreement