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Anadarko North Garnet

Anadarko N Garnet

U.S., Gulf of Mexico Block EC 347

Landmark: Anadarko’s first subsea project

Located in the Gulf of Mexico’s East Cameron Block 347, the North Garnet project was Andarko’s first subsea completion project. The wells were completed using mudline CM-1 trees and a direct hydraulic T-2 control system with multiple quick-connect umbilical stab plates. The wells were run with a jackup rig and were tied back to the existing East Cameron 359A host platform with an offset of 8 miles (13 km). The completions were made with saturation diver assistance.

The wells were completed in the PL1-10 sand and tested at 1,100 bopd and 2 mmcf/d of natural gas. These were Anadarko’s first "intelligent" completions, allowing the wells to be recompleted at a later stage of its life without the use of a rig or wireline.