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Total Otter

Total Otter

U.K. Block 210/15a

Landmark: World’s first dual electric submersible pumps

Otter’s location makes it one of the northernmost fields in the North Sea. It is also one of the deepest subsea tiebacks in the U.K. North Sea. It is a good example of how technical innovation and ongoing commercial effectiveness within the industry can unlock the stranded reserves of the UKCS. Otter not only adds new reserves but also extends the life of its host, the Eider field.

Otter is a development of six subsea wells which are tied back to the Shell Expro-operated Eider platform. It is located in the northern North Sea, 94 miles (150 km) northeast of Shetland in a water depth of 590 ft (180 m). Hydrocarbons are exported from Otter via the Eider platform to North Cormorant. The oil is then sent to the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal in Shetland via the Brent system, and the gas is sent to the St. Fergus Gas Terminal via the FLAGS system.

Technical innovation and the use of existing infrastructure made the development of Otter economically viable. Artificial lift, required to recover reserves from the Otter reservoir, is provided by dual subsea electric submersible pumps (ESPs). These pumps are powered from Eider by three electrical cables. Installing dual ESPs in a subsea well is a world first. Otter is the longest subsea tieback installed to date using ESPs.

Water Depth: 179 m (590 ft)
Tree Pressure: 10000 psi
Tree Type: EHXT
Tree Count: 6
Tree Bore Size: 5"x2"
Hydrocarbons: Oil, Gas