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Talisman (Paladin) Blane


U.K. Block 30-03a

Landmark: U.K.'s first new trans-boundary developments since the agreement between the British and Norwegian governments

Blane lies partly on the U.K. Continental Shelf (UKCS) and partly on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Blane was discovered in 1992 by well N1/2-1. The structure was successfully appraised in the same year by a well in the U.K. sector, 30/3a-1. Perceived trans-boundary complications and commercial difficulties prevented development. Production was scheduled to start in late 2006.

The field will be developed by three subsea wells, drilled in UKCS Block 30/3a, two of which will produce oil and associated gas, while one will be a water injector. The wells will be serviced by new subsea infrastructure connected to the BP-operated Ula platform located 34 km northeast of Blane in Norwegian Block 7/12. At Ula the wellstream will be processed for further transportation in existing export infrastructure.

  • Three enhanced horizontal 5"x2" 10,000 psi subsea tree
  • Three concentric all metal-to-metal sealing tubing hanger
  • Alloy steel block with Inconel 625-clad metal sealing wireline plug
  • Gas lift and production chokes
  • Tubing Hanger Independent Secondary Lock (THISL)
  • Flowbase, 10K, with Torus II multibore hub
  • Workover control system
  • ROV interface/override
  • Tool rental
  • Diverless workover
  • Integral, rig-deployed, structure approved by the Scottish Fishing Federation as a fishing-friendly protection structure