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Talisman Hannay, Ross & Tartan

Talisman Hannay Ross Tartan

U.K. Blocks 20/5c, 13/28a, 15/16a

Landmark: U.K.’s first installation of a drill-through horizontal tree

Hannay: The Heavy Architecture (HA) production enhanced horizontal tree for this well is the second Hannay production well and is located 8 miles (13 km) northwest of the Buchan Alpha production facility.

Ross: This well was the eleventh Ross completion and was the first drill-through enhanced horizontal subsea tree installed in the U.K. It produces to the Bleo Holm FPSO, 1.3 miles (2.2 km) away from the well.

Tartan: The Heavy Architecture (HA) production-enhanced horizontal tree for the Tartan North Terrace was drilled as an exploration well 2 miles (3 km) north of the Tartan platform. Following a positive well test, the subsea tree was run. The well was put onstream in 2004.

  • Three enhanced horizontal 5"x2" 10,000 psi subsea trees
  • Concentric all metal-to-metal sealing tubing
  • Two 18-3/4" UWD-15 subsea wellheads
  • One 13-5/8" subsea wellhead
  • Alloy steel block with Inconel 625-clad metal sealing wireline plug
  • Gas lift and production chokes
  • Tubing Hanger Independent Secondary Lock (THISL)
  • Workover control system
  • ROV interface/override
  • Tool rental
  • Diverless workover
  • Subsea system approved by the Scottish Fishing Federation as a fishing-friendly protection/structure