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Oilexco NSL Frame Agreement

U.K., Brenda and Nicole Blocks 

Landmark: Oilexco's first development in the central North Sea

Tree systems are designed for installation on a competitor's wellhead system and an FMC UWD-15 drill-through wellhead system. Conversion kits have been supplied to allow the trees to be readily converted from one wellhead system to the other.

Trees have an integral fishing-friendly protective structure approved by the Scottish Fishing Federation. Direct hydraulic tree-mounted controls allow the tree to be used with existing field production control systems.

  • Three standard 5"x2" production 10,000 WP production EHXTs
  • Three drill through production EHXTs and drill through UWD-15 wellhead systems with 10,000 WP pressure rating
  • Tree-mounted control system
  • Diver-assisted production, insert choke and flow line connection system 
  • System integration, testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance