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Statoil Troll B Gas Injection

Norway - block 31/2, 31/3 and 31/5

Landmark: Increased Oil Recovery by using oil production XTs for gas injection

In order to prevent water ingress and increase recovery of oil from the Troll B reservoirs two injection wells were placed in the H-region of TOGP. The project becomes a landmark by using the identical XT as for Troll O2 project (oil production).

The state of the art SCMs are interchangeable with both Troll O2 and Vega, and the XTs are backwards compatible with Oseberg field developments. If desired the equipment can be used for production when injection phase ends in 2024.

The structures are compact Integrated Satellite (ISS) type and render less than 190 tonnes installation weight (including Flowbase) for installation vessel flexibility. It also accommodates contingency features for acoustic Hydro Carbon Lead Detector (HCLD), re-installable HP caps for XT wing hub on Flowbase and XT reentry hub. Structures and Flowbases allows for future daisy chaining. The structures also allows for use of Completion & Workover equipment made for Vega and Troll O2 projects.

The project is of high political importance of Statoil and successful execution was imperative for Statoil. This was achieved by compact and highly efficient teams on both Company and Contractor side which kept progress ahead of schedule through entire project achieving all milestones on or ahead of schedule.

Water Depth: 326 m (1070 ft)
Tree Pressure: 10000 psi
Tree Type: HXT
Tree Count: 4
Tree Bore Size: 7"
Hydrocarbons: Gas
Comment: Gas Injection