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Statoil (Saga) Snorre

Statoil Saga Snorre

Norway Blocks 34/4 and 34/7

Landmark: FMC Technologies' first subsea control systems

The Snorre field lies in Blocks 34/4 and 34/7, approximately 120 miles (200 km) west of the city of Floro. Saga started the development of the field in 1987. Since then, the estimates of proven and probable oil reserves have shown a positive trend, rising by almost 84 percent since Snorre’s inception. Snorre presently has total recoverable reserves of 1,400 mmbo, 210 bcf of natural gas and 6 million tons of natural gas liquids. Field life is expected to extend into the year 2020.

FMC Technologies’ scope of supply consisted of a total of six contracts which included the provision of subsea control modules, tie-in tools and connectors, tensioning system for the TLP and the provision on metering systems. In part because of its success with the Saga Snorre project, FMC Technologies was chosen as the preferred subsea supplier for the Shell Draugen and later the Statoil Satellite Project (SSP) developments. The Saga Snorre project can be seen as the industry’s starting point for subsea equipment standardization and serial production, which benefited both field developers and subsea equipment manufacturers.

  • Contract Award: 1988
  • Sales: Kongsberg, Norway
  • Fabrication Controls: Kongsberg, Norway
  • Service Base: Bergen, Norway
  • Host Type: TLP
  • Contract Type: EPC