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Statoil Sleipner Vest Alfa Nord (SVAN)

Statoil SVAN

Norway Blocks 15/6 and 15/9

Landmark: Unique integral protective structure

This field was discovered in 1974 and lies in the Norwegian North Sea Blocks 15/6 and 15/9. The Alfa Nord satellite is a subfield of the Sleipner West field, which produces through a four-well subsea facility with the wellstream tied back with an 11 mile (18 km) flowline to the Sleipner T platform. The umbilical to control the satellite field ties back to the Sleipner A platform. The development of Alfa Nord began in August 2002 and was scheduled to begin producing gas condensates in the latter part of 2004.

The gas of the field was expected to travel to the European market via the Statpipe, Zeepipe and Europipe. The condensate will be piped to a receiving terminal at Kårstø, north of Stavanger for export by ship. Sleipner West is tied back to Sleipner East, and the two fields are produced by a single operations organization in Statoil. The Sleipner West development embraces the B wellhead platform and the T gas treatment installation. Unprocessed output from the B platform is piped 7 miles (12 km) to the Sleipner T platform, which is linked by a bridge to the Sleipner A installation.

  • Five horizontal 7"x2" 10,000 psi subsea trees
  • UWD-15 subsea wellheads
  • Blind internal tree cap
  • ROV interface/override facilities
  • Diverless makeup of flowline and control umbilicals
  • ROVCON® MK-I diverless tie-in and connection tool rental
  • Multiplexed electro-hydraulic control system
  • Diverless workover
  • Integrated template structure with suction anchors and manifolds
  • System integration testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance