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Statoil Gullfaks

Statoil Gullfaks

Norway Blocks 33/12 and 34/10

Landmark: Europe’s largest fixed-platform subsea tie-back development

The Gullfaks Satellite field development consists of the Gullfaks South, Rimfaks and Gullveig fields. All three oil fields are tied back to the Gullfaks A platform, where produced gas is reinjected. In addition, Gullfaks A was modified to increase its capacity for gas treatment and reinjection.

The Gullfaks Field development includes 10 HOST® templates, control systems and 37 trees. The oil production will be tied back to the Gullfaks A platform and gas production to Gullfaks C. The project is executed as an EPC contract with Statoil. The equipment is designed for diverless operation in all phases (drilling, installation, operation and maintenance) located at a water depth of 460 ft (140 m).

The HOST® system is used for all templates. The templates consist of standard moon pool deployable modules that can be assembled on deck or subsea. Pull-in and connection operations are formed in one operation with the Universal Tie-In System (UTIS®) tool.

  • Five horizontal 10,000 psi subsea trees
  • Workover riser and workover control system
  • Electro-hydraulic control system with topside controls
  • 36 km (22 miles) of subsea control umbilical
  • System intervention tools and an intervention controls
  • System integration testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance
  • Contract Award: 1996 (Ph I); 1999 (Ph II); 2001 (Ph III)
  • Sales: Kongsberg, Norway
  • Fabrication Trees: Dunfermline, U.K.
  • Fabrication Controls: Kongsberg, Norway
  • Service Base: Bergen, Norway
  • Host Type: Platform
  • Contract Type: EPC