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Eni E&P S.p.A. - Aquila Phase 2

ENI Aquila

Italy - Mediterranean, Otranto Channel, 45km NE of Brindisi

Landmark: First Eni Partnering Agreement project

After eight years in operation, in 2006 the FPSO Firenze was decommissioned from the Aquila field and the wells temporary closed. A new FPSO for marginal fields is being built for another 10 years of operation, prepared to serve the re-commissioned wells AQ2 & AQ3, and the new AQ4 well.

All XTs are guideline less and AQ3 and AQ3 have been installed using a modular (SAF) equipment system. The two existing XTs will be modified by removing the UJM and tie in the Umbilical through a new Multi Quick Connector (MQC) plate attached to the existing Torus Connector with a Hydraulic Flying Lead (HFL). The FJM will be refurbished, and a new Gas Lift (GL) line will be tied in through a new KC4-3 connector attached to the existing Flowline Termination Unit. The electrical lines will be connected directly to the top of the Subsea Control Modules (SCM). The existing XTs will have new SCMs with 615 SEM technology.

The new AQ4 will have a horizontal XT of the FMC global standard for deepwater applications, have intelligent completion and be tied-back directly via a 6" oil riser/flowline, a 2 ½" gas lift line and an electro/hydraulic control umbilical. The XT will be directly hung off onto a UWD-15, 18 ¾" Wellhead (WH) inside a 36" Conductor Housing (CH). The Casing hangers will be 13-3/8" and 10-¾" and the Tubing Hanger (TH) will be 7" Enhanced type with two internal crown plugs.

On AQ4 the GL line will be terminated directly on the roof of the XT with a KC4-3 connector. The electrical lines will be connected directly to the top of the SCM.
Hydraulic lines will be connected through a HFL directly into a MQC on the XT.
Flowline will have direct tie-in to the XT by an inboard hub and KC4-10 ROVCON MK1 Flowline Termination Head (FTH). In general standard tooling for intervention operations will be used.

Completion and Workover operations will be performed using a Casing Riser and the new FMC Landing String (LS) Gen 2.0.

A new topside controls system will be delivered to monitor and control AQ2, AQ3 and AQ4

• One XT
• One wellhead system including 36” and 18-3/4” casing
• One tubing hanger system
• Three SCM
• Three PLET
• Three SDU
• SPCU and SCU

Refurbishment/rebuild of equipment from first phase:
• One Production HPU
• Two Flowline Jumper Module
•Two Umbilical Jumper Module