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Woodside PoG

Woodside PoG


Landmark: First 7" large-bore vertical gas tree

As part of the expansion of the Northwest Shelf, Woodside Energy Ltd. plans to further develop the Perseus gas/condensate field, approximately 9 miles (15 km) east-northeast of the Goodwyn A platform via a subsea tieback. In addition, it is planned to develop the Searipple field with a single well some 2 miles (3 km) northeast of the pipeline end. This fully integrated development is named the Perseus over Goodwyn project, (PoG).

The Perseus reservoir is expected to produce 10.2 Tcf gas and 239 MMBBL condensate through depletion via the North Rankin A and GWA facilities. The initial production rate from the three PoG wells will be about 500 MMSCFD.

The single-well Searipple development has expected recoverable reserves estimated at 0.03 Tcf of gas and 4.7 MMBBL of condensate over a field life of 2-5 years with aquifer-supported depletion drive. The Searipple opportunity is driven primarily by liquids acceleration.

Full wellstream production will be transported to GWA via a new 22 km, 16” corrosion-resistant alloy-clad pipeline. Subsea system control, receiving facilities and gas treatment will be facilitated via the GWA platform before export to the onshore gas plant via the interfield line and Second Trunkline.

The subsea hardware supplied by FMC consists of four off 7" big bore gas trees of the vertical design with independently retrievable flow control modules and flowbases tied directly to a 16" pipeline. Control of subsea facilities and injection of chemicals will be via an umbilical from the GWA platform.

  • Four wellheads UWD 15
  • Four 7” big bore gas VXT with independently installed Flow Control (Choke) Module
  • Four flowbases with 8" ball valve
  • Workover controls
  • Topside controls
  • Workover riser (NACE) union nut
  • Intervention tooling
  • System integration, testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance