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Woodside Echo Yodel

Woodside Echo Yodel


Landmark: Woodside’s first horizontal trees

The Echo Yodel development is a liquids-rich, gas condensate field located in 430 ft (130 m) water depth, 15 miles (23 km) southwest from the Goodwyn A platform (GWA) on the North West Shelf of Western Australia. The development consists of two subsea wells and is based upon variant big-bore well design with expandable sand screen completions to maximize well potential.

The wells were drilled and completed from a semisubmersible rig. They are approximately 1.2 miles (2 km) apart along the pipeline route and are tied back by rigid spool pieces. This represents the first phase of development of the greater Echo Yodel area. The proposal also allows for the phased development of additional fields and reservoirs in the area.

Production flows via a 12" nominal-diameter corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) pipeline to GWA at up to 300 mmcf/d maximum raw gas rate. Production is commingled with GWA fluids and processed on GWA before exporting into GWA to North Rankin A interfiled pipeline.

  • Woodside 16.7%
  • BP 16.7%
  • ChevronTexaco 16.7%
  • BHP Billiton 16.7%
  • Shell 16.7%
  • Japan LNG 16.7%