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Shell Prelude


Location:  WA-371-P North, Western Australia

Landmark Comment:  World's first development using Floating Liquid Natural Gas (FLNG)

Located 200km (120 miles) offshore in Western Australia, Shell's Prelude is the world's first FLNG,  The Permit covers an area around 1.000 sq km in a remote Browse Basis, 475km north-northeast of Broome, Western Australia.  Prelude was discovered by Shell in 2007, and the Concerto gas field in the permit area in March 2009. 

The FLNG technology is an important development by FMC for the LNG industry.  This technology enables the reduction of project costs and the environmental footprint of an LNG development, because there is no need for long pipelines to shore; compression platforms to push the gas to shore; near shore works such as dredging and jetty contruction; as well as onshore development such as building roads, lay down areas and accomodation facilities.

Prelude and Concerto have around 3 trillion cubic feet of liquid-rich gas.  The relatively small size of the gas fields and the remote location make them an ideal candidate for development via Shell's FLNG technology as it would not be economic to develop the gas via a conventional onshore LNG processing plant.


  • Seven (7) EVDT - 7" Tubing Head Spool; Flow Control Module and Tubing Hanger
  • Two (2) 6-slot Manifold
  • One (1) Riser Base Manifold
  • Nine (9) UWD-15 RL Wellhead Systems
  • Eight (8) Pipeline End Terminations
  • Two (2) Subsea Distribution Units
  • One  (1) Topside Control System