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Chevron (Unocal) Attaka

Chevron Attaka


Landmark: First subsea development in Asia for Chevron (Unocal)

The subsea wells at Attaka are completed with 4" production pipelines, 4" gas lifelines and a direct hydraulic five-function control umbilical. The subsea wells are located 1 to 2 miles (2 to 4 km) from the host platforms in the Attaka field.

FMC Technologies installed the initial three subsea systems, Attaka 11, 14 and E-1, in 1981. These were followed by the next two trees, Attaka J-A1 and J-3, in 1984, with the final three systems delivered in 1989 on Attaka wells 24 and 29, along with the Sepinggan South 1.

  • Eight vertical 3"x2" 5,000 psi subsea trees
  • UWD 18-3/4" 10,000 psi subsea wellheads with clamp hub profile
  • 5,000 psi manual lower master actuated FSC, upper master, swab, production wing and flowline isolation valves
  • Fail-safe closed 2" 5,000 psi annulus gas-lift and chemical-injection valves
  • Fail-safe 1" 12,000 psi DHCVs
  • Flanged flowline connection outlets prepared for pipe tie-in
  • 10-3/4" and 18-1/2" tubing hangers
  • Direct hydraulic controls
  • System integration testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance