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Statoil Lufeng

Statoil Lufeng

China Block 22/1

Landmark: Statoil Lufeng is Statoil's first overseas subsea project.

The Lufeng subsea development consists of a HOST® template which supports five horizontal subsea trees producing oil to a round-trip piggable header. The subsea trees are fitted with a mudline booster pump which is used to individually boost the production from each well to a resident FPSO. The FPSO provides the power source and controls the output of the mudline booster pumps and houses the electro-hydraulic control system for the subsea trees.

The project was executed on an EPCI basis under the Statoil/KOS integrated team philosophy and represents Statoil’s first overseas venture, with the goal of lowering cost and improving reliability. Where possible, fieldproven solutions were utilized. The HOST® template was secured using a singular pile. The manifold is considered nonretrievable during the life of the field. Horizontal subsea trees are utilized to enable installation of largebore tubing (7" casing). The system is diverless, with ROVs performing any necessary intervention. Intervention tooling is launched from the FPSO using guideline and guidelineless techniques.

Field lifetime extension:

In 2003, FMC, through the service organization in Bergen, joined Statoil for initiatives to be taken in the event of sidetracking two wells on the Lufeng field. The highlights aimed to bring forward the minimum inspection, refurbishment and testing required. Further an assessment was carried out with respect to material and anode capability for an extension of equipment service/operation time with five years. The sidetracking was successfully carried out in 2004. Scope of work includes provision of tubing hangers, rental riser and WOCS, assistance during retrieval and installation and refurbishment of retrieved equipment.

  • Contract Award: 1996
  • Sales: Kongsberg, Norway 
  • Fabrication: Singapore and Norway
  • Service Base: Singapore
  • Host Type: FPSO
  • Contract Type: EPCI