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BP Amoco Liuhua


China Block 11-1

Landmark: Industry's first use of electric submersible pumps in a multi-well subsea environment

Located 120 miles (70 km) southeast of Hong Kong in 1,210 ft (370 m) of water, the Liuhua project is a state-of-the-art production system comprised of 25 subsea trees. Each well is produced through horizontal subsea trees with ESPs, marking the industry’s first use of ESPs in a multi-well subsea environment. Each tree has a revolutionary electrical power connector to supply power to the ESP. Discovered in 1987, the Liuhua reservoir was jointly developed by Amoco Orient Petroleum Company, China Offshore Oil Nanhai East Corporation and Kerr-McGee Liuhua Limited. The Liuhua 11-1 field is estimated to contain over one billion barrels of oil, making it the largest offshore oil deposit in the South China Sea. Liuhua is in a severe-weather environment where typhoons occur frequently and can complicate operations. Liuhua is evidence that FMC Technologies Integrated Subsea Services are enabling operators to implement new strategies in the cost-effective development of the world’s remaining petroleum reserves.

Water Depth: 368 m (1210 ft)
Tree Pressure: 2250 psi
Tree Type: EHXT
Tree Count: 25
Tree Bore Size: 4"x2"
Hydrocarbons: Oil