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CNR Baobab

CNR Baobab

The Ivory Coast Block CI-40 

Landmark: EPC project in new country for FMC

The Baobab subsea production system is comprised of two six-slot production templates with flowmeters and on template SCMs, and two four-slot water-injection templates. All the templates have large suction foundations suitable for the soft seabed conditions in the field. The subsea trees are arranged in clusters tied back to the templates by rigid pipeline spools terminating in vertical connections to the manifolds. The manifolds are connected to the pipeline system by flowline termination assemblies with subsea-deployed mud mat foundations. The control system is connected to the topside control system by a steel tube umbilical system. The project was executed as an EPC contract. The scope of supply included provision of a full range of tooling systems, including development of a new vertical-connection tool package.

The project had a development time from order of the subsea system of 32 months with first oil in 30 months, making Baobab one of the most successful deepwater projects undertaken in the West Africa region. Additional equipment ordered in 2007: six UWD wellhead systems, four production EHXTs and a vertical tie-in system (VECON).

Water Depth: 1524 m (5000 ft)
Tree Pressure: 10000 psi
Tree Type: EHXT
Tree Count: 18
Tree Bore Size: 7"
Hydrocarbons: Oil