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Amerada Hess Okume

Amerada Hess Okume

Equatorial Guinea Block

Landmark: FMC Technologies' first TLP system in Equatorial Guinea

Amerada Hess Equatorial Guinea, Inc. is developing the Northern Block G, offshore Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea. The development is planned to have 43 wells drilled with a combination of oil producers with gas lift, water injection and gas injection. Approximately 23 wells will be drilled and completed from two TLPs. One of the TLPs will be located in 902 ft (275 m) of water, and the other will be in 1,673 ft (510 m) of water. There will be 19 wells drilled and completed from three fixed platforms. The first equipment deliveries were scheduled for July 2006. FMC Technologies provided support during the project execution from our existing 10,000 m2 onshore base and facility in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, utilizing a mix of local support and expatriate specialists.

  • Twenty-three DVA production risers systems: 10-3/4" OD, including tieback connector, stress joint, riser joints, keel joint, tension joint, fixed tensioner system
  • One DVA surface BOP drilling riser System: 18-5/8" OD, Including Tieback Connector, Stress Joint, riser joints, keel joint, tension joint, hydropneumatic tensioner system, BOP adapter
  • Twenty-three 16-3/4" UWD rigid lock subsea wellhead systems, 16-3/4" nominal size, 30" x 18-5/8" x 13-3/8" x 10-3/4", 10,000 psi WP
  • Twenty-three DVA surface wellhead and tree systems: 10-3/4" x 4-1/16" 5000 psi WP, including tubing head, tubing hanger and┬ásubsea tree
  • Twenty fixed platform surface wellhead and tree systems, including casing head, tubing head, tubing hanger, and subsea tree
  • System integration, testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance