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InLine Solids Removal

Solids in the production stream can cause wear, poor performance and blockages in the production system which may lead to expensive shut-downs. Sand follows the wellstream from the reservoir and must be handled as a part of the process systems. It needs to be removed from the fluid streams, cleaned and disposed of.

InLine DeSander
Sand production is a major cause for several problems in many oil and gas fields. This is directly related to the accelerated production of water, the unconsolidated nature of some reservoirs and the properties of some heavy and viscous crudes. As a result, many operators are experiencing large quantities of sand in the well fluids, accompanied by problems of erosion and solids accumulation, and/or equipment blockage.

To meet these challenges, we have developed a portfolio of inline desanding technologies which have gained acceptance in several key producing areas. Compared to more conventional solutions, such as filtration and conventional cyclonic desanders, this technology offers several advantages, including high efficiency, compact dimensions, operational simplicity and an ability to handle oily solids without causing blockage.

The development program for the InLine DeSander, which started in 2004, has incorporated extensive technology qualifications together with Statoil completed in 2006. Since then, the innovative technology has been available in the market and been applied to several advanced desanding projects for the oil and gas industry. Further development has been carried out, enabling new and more challenging applications (heavy crudes and multiphase streams containing gas).

The InLine Desander is also the first desanding technology ever to be applied in the production stream integrated to a subsea separation system. It is integrated to the Marlim subsea separation system which is currently under delivery by FMC Technologies to Petrobras.  Extensive qualification has been carried out to demonstrate this technology for the challenging requirements offered by a subsea project in regards to performance and robustness.

There are several other sand separation technologies in the market that also were available prior to the InLine DeSander. However, it was still addressed a great need for better technologies. The background for the new development was to provide a solution that can give a better combination between the key parameters:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Less pressure drop
  • More robust
  • Higher capacity for a given size
Reports from operators are confirming that the above mentioned targets are successfully achieved.