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InLine HydroCyclone

InLine HydroCyclone improvement program

Compared to conventional solutions this unique, patented axial flow hydrocyclone is proven to enable high separation efficiency and low pressure drop. It is an ideal tool for separation oil from water to low levels. The InLine HycroCyclone is easily fitted into a high performing produced water treatment system as well as being an integrated part of a compact InLine Separation System.

A design improvement R&D program in 2009, aimed to get maximum separation performance for a limiting pressure drop, lead to a new design which is the current CDS standard. It was compared to an old design that at the time was proven to have an industry leading performance. An increase of approximately 50 percent outlet oil-in-water concentration was achieved and the performance was enhanced at all droplet sizes and under all inlet conditions.

Increased capacity with new design

The InLine HydroCyclone has been installed for a wide range of challenging applications for the upstream industry. This includes being the selected solution for the produced water treatment solution in Petrobras’ Marlim Subsea Separation System. During the qualification program for this field it has met all the demanding requirements for a subsea application, both with respect to performance and robustness. We have developed design guidelines and solutions to enable long term failure free operation of the hydrocyclones while running this long term endurance testing. Experience from this project is valuable for any future project where hydrocyclones are applied.

Key features

  • High separation efficiency
  • Low pressure-drop
  • Low differential pressure-drop ratio
  • Erosion resistant
  • Resistant to clogging