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CDS Gasunie™ cyclone scrubber

CDS Gasunie™

More than 200 applications in varied conditions, proves that the CDS Gasunie™ cyclone scrubber can be applied into any process where it is beneficial to remove liquids from gas to protect the downstream equipment. Solid particles will also be removed, making the scrubber suitable for use as a gas wellhead separator. Compared to a conventional scrubber it gives considerable size and weight savings. This is a result of high allowable gas loading factor and high liquid/gas ratio’s. 

Operating Principle


The optimized blade geometry brings the combined phase into rotation. The resulting centrifugal force moves the liquid and solid particles towards the vessel wall, where they form a liquid film flowing downwards to the bottom of the vessel. The gas exits the vessel through the central pipe connected to the gas outlet nozzle. The baffles in the bottom of the vessel stop the rotation of the liquid, and the blocking plate prevents liquids from being entrained with the gas. In this way it is ensured, that no gas carry under or liquid carry over can occur.


  • Small size and weight
  • Maintenance friendly: No small channels or downcomer pipes. Low fouling tendency
  • Excellent slug handling capabilities
  • High turndown
  • Available as retrofit package
  • Solid removal

CDS-Gasunie™ cyclone scrubber

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