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Compact three phase InLine separation test skid

Three phase separation skid

The InLine Subsea Separation unit has been developed for Petrobras as a test skid of a complete InLine cyclonic separation module. The background for field testing the system is to qualify the technology for subsea installation. The tests will be performed on an offshore platform to map the separation performance and functionality under real-life operating conditions. Consequently, successful testing will lead to further qualifying the system for full-scale subsea applications.

Principal of Operation

The main principle of the InLine Separation System is to use a continuous water recirculation loop in order to optimize the separation performance of the cyclonic equipment. The design of the system ensure that an almost constant water stream will pass through the system, even with water cuts varying from 70% in early field life, to approximately 92% at end of production. At high water cuts, the emulsion will presumably become less stable and easier to separate. For low water cuts below 70 percent, recycling of water will guarantee maximum separation efficiency in the InLine DeWaterer and all the HydroCyclones over the whole production profile. The produced fluid will first flow through a CDS GasUnie inlet cyclone, a gas-liquid separation unit, then the water continuous stream will go through three stages of cyclonic oil-water separation units in order to break down the emulsion and achieve clean water and oil phases. The control of the system is outlined with focus on simplicity and robustness.

The design includes the following separation components:

System Overview

System layout of the three phase separation test skid