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Etap InLine DeLiquidiser

BP Etap Deliquidiser

Etap is operated by BP. There were challenges to achieve the water dew point required for the export gas. The efficiency of the glycol contactor and the glycol regeneration process was reduced by condensate carried over from the HP Gas Cooler Discharge Drum. This had three consequences

  1. Glycol losses
  2. The need to replace glycol filters
  3. Poor performance, potentially causing significant production losses

An InLine DeLiquidiser installed upstream of the vessel became the solution for unloading the gas stream and removing most of the liquid from the feed before it enters the vessel.  It uses a special design whereby the mixing element is located in the upstream bend, together with an inclined liquid boot entrance.

The InLine DeLiquidiser is controlled by a level transmitter connected to the liquid collection boot and a 4” valve in the liquid outlet. If the incoming gas-to-liquid ratio changes, the valve adjusts accordingly, avoiding gas blow-by in the liquid line. Not only is the mass transfer efficiency of the glycol contactor now significantly better, system availability has leapt from 26% to 97%.