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Technical Support

Global Presence 24-hr Technical Support

Within the U.S.A        +1.866.342.2562
Outside of the U.S.A. +44 (0) 1224.215319 

The subsea oil and gas market is a global enterprise and we maintain a global presence to support it, with facilities in all major offshore regions. Our integration into FMC Technologies has strengthened our capacity for worldwide sales and managing complex international logistics for the oil and gas industry. Each of our regional support centers provides training, technical support, and an inventory of spare parts. Our support staff members are fluent in local languages with proven experience in managing complex international logistics. When help is needed on-site, our highly trained field support engineers are experienced in assisting customers.

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Field Service

We support clients worldwide with factory-trained technicians for integration and mobilization.

  • Site installation and commissioning
  • Support of sea trials
  • On-site maintenance and upgrade support
  • Emergency call out​​
Spare Part Sales

We provide comprehensive spares kits for all manipulator models that contain parts required for routine maintenance and repairs. Other kits include commercially available hand tools, special manipulator repair tools, and consumable supplies such as lubricants and adhesives. For even greater repair readiness, we provide an enhanced TITAN 4 spares kit (remote location kit) containing parts for major repair and refurbishment jobs, such as actuator rebuilds. A complete inventory of manipulator system spare parts is available at any of our support centers or agent locations.

  • Houston, Texas  +1 281.598.4100
  • Aberdeen, U.K.  +44 (0) 1224.215300
  • Singapore +65 6861.3011