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ISOL-8 pump

150-hp ISOL-8 Auxiliary Pump

The ISOL-8 pump is an integrated part of the UHD-III ROV that makes achieving the API 53 standard possible for secondary intervention. The pump consists of eight (8) double-acting, servo-controlled, duplex piston modules. Each pump module is an independent machine and the array is controlled and synchronized in software, which pumps a wide variety of fluids at high flow rates. The pump modules allow pilots to control pressure, flow, and fluid sources through our Hammerhead operating system.

In addition to the secondary BOP intervention, the ISOL-8 pump makes short work of construction tasks that require substantial power.

  • Fluid Compatibility to include:
    - Hydraulic Oil
    - Water-Glycol (min. 5% glycol) 
    - Sea Water for intermittent use
  • Dynamic seals are PTFE based
  • Static seals, including energizers for dynamic seals, are HNBR
  • Standard seals compatible with oil, water-glycol, sea water 
  • 60-Minute Service & Repair- each pump module is removable


Download Datasheet


                   BOP Closure Test with ISOL-8