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Delta SubSea and West Africa Ventures

Delta SubSea HD-29 

Delta SubSea HD-52


Scope of Work:

West Africa Ventures (WAV) was in need of an ROV Operator for phase two working on the Esso Exploration and Production area offshore of Nigeria. The subsea field is located within the Gulf of Guinea off the Nigerian coast. The contract was for a two-phase project installing new flying lead and suction pile placement locations, and then for manifold installations and a workover control system. WAV chose Delta SubSea (DSS) for the contract of the new installations.


the field is located in 1200m water depth, where Delta utilized their 150-hp HD ROVs, manufactured by FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics. The HD ROVs were mobilized aboard the Jascon 31 vessel, equipped with a 400-T heave compensated main crane with deepwater capability, which enables the vessel to provide extensive subsea support services. In the first phase of the project, HD-29 and HD-52 were responsible for installing a LBL array, bottom surveys and relocation for ELF and hydraulic flying lead locations in suction pile areas, and installing the suction piles. Once these tasks were completed, the ROVs went on to completing the field with the designated manifold installations, flying lead orientation tool, and installation of the Workover Control System.

DSS ROV pilots managed the projects between August 2014 and April 2015, utilizing the easy to operate HDs with DSS’ custom belly and docking skids to keep the installations moving smoothly. DSS tooling solutions also included 4-inch and 5-inch Cutter, FLOT Tool, Torque Tool, Suction Pile Kits, and ROV Tooling Basket. The pairing of the HD and the custom tooling solutions that DSS was able to provide completed the project with efficiency and ease.

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