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Delta SubSea and Enterprise Products Partners

ROV Pilot 


Enterprise Products Partners L.P. jointly owns crude oil gathering pipelines serving the Lucius production area in southern Keathley Canyon in the Gulf of Mexico. They required support on their Seacor Diamond and Seacon Fearless vessels, and chose Delta SubSea (DSS) to provide ROV contract support for both vessels. The scope of work for the projects included pigging operation support, installation of GammaTrac units for pig monitoring, and subsea pig launcher installation, and other subsea support work for other vessel operations. DSS utilized the most efficient ROVs on the market, the 150-hp HD ROV, manufactured by FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics.

DSS quickly mobilized to the Seacor Diamond with HD ROV serial #29 and #59, along with one Superintendent and two ROV pilot crews alternating 12-hr shifts, in order to keep the projects on track. The Seacor Fearless was mobilized second in order to complete the projects..  DSS's highly experienced ROV pilots were able to perform the time-sensitive operations with the HDs through over combined 135 ROV hours – and no downtime. The pipeline is now mechanically complete and it began earning revenues on July 1, 2014.

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