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Delta SubSea project success with LLOG Exploration

Schilling Robotics HD-59 for Delta SubSea

Scope of Work:

LLOG Exploration, in September 2014, required an operator with a work-class ROV fleet for rig support in the Gulf of Mexico. The LLOG scope of work included a one year contract for a BOP lower marine riser package intervention, riser inspection, subsea field construction, and subsea field metrology.  


Delta SubSea (DSS) was chosen as the operator for the moored drilling rig. The crew and equipment mobilized out of Port Fourchon, Louisiana and was on-site for work in less than 24-hours from contract signing, via an ROV support vessel. DSS mobilized their HD-59 ROV for the job. The 150-hp HD ROV, manufactured by FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics provides the most efficient power management, StationKeep™, and auto features on the market today.

The Delta crew, made up of two ROV pilots, a ROV supervisor, and a project manager ensured successful completion of the daily jobs throughout the term of the contract for work on wells in Mississippi Canyon 546. Delta SubSea utilized FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics StationKeep™ technology to operate in arduous weather conditions; having to deploy the ROV in three meter seas with winds up to 25 knots and up to 2 knots (Sea State 6) of current. Currently, the total wet time for the project is 1,655:30hrs, with as little as 5:00hrs down time, as a result of adverse weather conditions.

Field Summary:

Still drilling in an undisclosed location, project will be completed sometime late October.

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