FMC Technologies Supports Pioneering Learning Center in Western Ghana

Pioneering Learning Centre

FMC Technologies has supported the development of a new kindergarten, Holy Child Kindergarten Center of Excellence, in Fijai, Ghana. The project, which was managed by the Sabre Trust and partly funded by FMC Technologies, has reached completion and the school will begin enrolling children in September 2016. The school is unique in that teachers will learn the latest techniques while administering students’ curriculum. 

Construction of the center utilized local materials and workforce, and offers spacious classrooms with the ability for indoor and outdoor activities, providing children attending the school with opportunities to ‘learn through play,’ which aligns with the Ghana Education Service’s initiative to revolutionize the education sector.

Mario Lagunes, FMC Technologies Ghana Country Manager, said: "We are proud to be part of this project. Supporting work of this nature is important to us because it improves the educational foundation for Ghana’s future generations." 

"FMC Technologies has been operating in Ghana since 2009 with our facility in Takoradi, which currently employs more than 70 Ghanaians. We value our people and it is wonderful to see the opportunities that this new center will bring to local children, their families and the teaching staff alike."