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The Marlim subsea separation system separates heavy oil, gas, sand and water at a water depth of approximately 2,950 feet.
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3200 x 1800 px
Designed to direct flow from multiple individual wells into multiple production flowline headers, FMC's compact manifold systems have been proven to solve subsea flow control challenges worldwide.
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FMC delivered 10 production, injection and riser base manifolds that are currently installed at the Jubilee field, located offshore Ghana.
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A rendering of a subsea separation system at Tordis.
jpeg, 0.9 mb
2500 x 1406 px
FMC’s Multi Phase Meter provide customers with a step-change in metering accuracy for multiphase, wetgas or dual (multiphase and wetgas) needs.
jpeg, 1.8 mb
1800 x 900 px
Statoil Tordis’ Subsea separation unit being assembled.
jpeg, 1.8 mb
4064 x 2704 px
Total’s Pazflor development enabled by subsea separation technologies.
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7000 x 4983 px
Loading Systems patented targeting system allows operators to safely and reliably connect and disconnect marine loading arms during side-by-side offshore loading of LNG between two vessels.
jpeg, 1.8 mb
3264 x 2448 px
Subsea operators have confidently selected the Enhanced Horizontal Subsea Trees (EHXT) for more than 150 well completions around the globe including FMC's First Major Deepwater Subsesa Project in Nigeria.
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FMC Technologies leads the industry in subsea electric technology, with field proven subsea experience operating multiple chokes and manifolds on installed production wells since 2001.
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Well Intervention Services technology allows various wireline deployed operations to be carried out from a dynamically-positioned intervention vessel.
jpeg, 1.1 mb
2832 x 4256 px
FMC Technologies’ 10K Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Subsea Trees (EVDT) holds the world record for the deepest subsea tree system at about 9,600 feet as part of the Perdido field project.
jpeg, 1.6 mb
768 x 1024 px
A surface wellhead service technician installs a fracturing tree at a pad drilling location.
jpeg, 1.7 mb
2832 x 4256 px