Hyperbaric test
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Hyperbaric test

multiphase hyperbaric testing testing facility
MPM offer hyperbaric testing of 3’rd party equipment at our hyperbaric pressure testing facility in Stavanger. The test facility is built for a maximum operating pressure of 400 bars. The test chamber has an internal diameter of 1500 mm with a useable length of 4000 mm. This allows for pressure testing most transducer assemblies, valves, and other various subsea equipment. 

Assemblies of up to 12 tons can be handled by the facility. The hyperbaric facility offers penetrator openings through the top end cap. We use Siemens ODI connectors that provide serial and ethernet communication to the devices being tested. These connectors also supply 24 – 36 VDC to power any device. Hire rates are based on half, full-day or longer periods as required. 

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