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MPM Flow Meter Testing Laboratory

mpm lab flow loopProbably the best lab in the world 

The MPM flow laboratory is designed to enable development and testing of flow meters at field-like conditions. The lab is made to facilitate tests to be done over a large variety of flow regimes, such as: multiphase slugflow, annular flow, and mixed flow. At wetgas conditions annular flow can be created with the addition of liquid droplets and film of different sizes. Oil, gas and water flow rates can be varied over a large span. The highly accurate reference instrumentation is calibrated by third parties on a regular basis.

Test and training facilities

MPM offers flow tests as part of the standard Factory Acceptance Test, and the test matrix is made to reflect the flowrates the meter will see in its real life application. The flow laboratory is also the key tool for training of field engineers and operators. Comprehensive testing The flow lab was MPM’s “work bench” and the key tool used for developing MPM base technology and the associated products. During the development phase, thousands of tests were performed at the full operating range of the lab. The automatic logging systems are connected to a set of computer tools to enable efficient analysis and presentation of the results.