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3D Broadband

3D broadband operation multiphase meterMeasurements using high frequency electromagnetic waves (EM) on multiple planes are at the core of how the MPM meter achieves its superior performance. The patented solutions make the MPM meter significantly more accurate and robust than conventional meters. 

3D signifies simultaneous measurements in multiple planes, whilst Broadband reflects the fact that independent electromagnetic measurements are performed over a broad frequency spectrum. In combination they ensure a vastly over-determined system of equations, which yields an impressive degree of measurement accuracy, sensitivity and information about the flow.

Whereas conventional meters assume liquid and gas being well mixed over the pipe cross-section, which is rarely the case, the 3D Broadband® tomographic technology makes 3-dimentional measurements inside the pipe, eliminating such potential errors. 

The 3D Broadband™ system is used for measuring
  • watercut
  • composition
  • water salinity
  • liquid / gas distribution within the pipe cross section
By combining EM and gamma measurements with advanced Venturi models, accurate flow rates of oil, condensate, gas, water and salt are calculated.