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Remote Operation

illustration of remote access and operation of mpm multiphase metersThe MPM meter can be placed on a network and accessed over a standard internet connection. All of the meter functionality and operation is available from remote. It allows safe installation and operation of the meter at unmanned platforms, remote sites and subsea.  It enables monitoring of the performance of the wells  from the Operators head-office or Technology centers, and for MPM´s metering experts to monitor the performance of the meters.

The MPM meters in the field can be connected up to different sites simultaneously.  They can be accessed by experts of the Operating company, and from the MPM operations center. From this center, MPM offers a set of value-added services, based on analysis of measurements and meter performance. 

With the unique In-Situ verification tools MPM is using extra equations, redundant measurements and statistics to verify that the measured values are correct. The operating oil company will regularly receive a written report. The report can be used to verify towards partners and authorities that the meter performs as per specifications and requirements.