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High speed

high speed measurement of multiphase flowIn real life, if the flow is travelling at velocity of 20 metres per second, it is indeed necessary to have very rapid measurements to being able to capture flow variations and provide accurate flow measurements. It is well known that the flow conditions inside the pipe may change continuously and quite frequently, especially at multiphase conditions.

To give an example, a well with an average of 90% GVF might in fact never have a stable GVF of 90%. If the flow is slugging, and the liquid slug is passing by the meter sensor, the GVF will be quite much lower. In real life applications we have experienced GVF's in liquid slugs anywhere from 5 to 80%. On the other side, when the slug has gone and there is gas flowing in the pipe, then the GVF most likely would be in the 95-100% GVF.

The MPM meter captures changes in the longitudinal axis of the flow by measuring across the full GVF range many times every second. It captures snapshots of the flow; and every snapshot is analyzed before taking the next one.

The high speed also enables the MPM meter to switch from one mode to the other (multiphase or wetgas) in a fraction of a second, if the Dual Mode is implemented.

With these features, the flow characteristics like slug intervals & lengths can be monitored and characterised.

Detecting flow regime

The MPM meter is making thousands of measurements every second, enabling the real-time behaviour of the flow inside the pipe to be continuously monitored.  Measurement results are calculated for "slices" of the flow, and when put one after the other, is results in important the flow regime information such as

  • slug lenght,
  • slug interval,
  • annular gas concentration,
  • etc.
The high speed of the meter is also an enabler of Dual Mode