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Easy Configuration of Multiphase Meter in Field

illustration demonstrating easy field configuration of multiphase meterThe unique technology applied by the MPM meter makes it very easy to use, and the configuration and maintenance requirements are very lean compared to conventional meters. This is important when it comes to specifying measurement uncertainties.

First of all, the MPM meter requires only configuration data that are easily obtained, such as oil, water and oil densities, as well as oil viscosity. Next, there is neither need nor any requirement for tuning of the meter in the field after installation. Furthermore, the meter does not need to be recalibrated during operation, except for the field transmitters. If the salinity of the produced water is changing, and the meter is equipped with the salinity measurement feature, the meter will automatically adjust for those changes. This means that there is no need for sampling and subsequent lab analysis and re-configuration of the meter.

Roubust to variations

The MPM meter is very robust to Variations in Configuration Parameters (PVT data).

While the measurements performed by all multiphase meters will be affected by natural changes or errors in the configuration or PVT data, there are very large variations between different types of meter and technologies, and what these effects are. The MPM meter has been verified to be much less sensitive and influenced by variations or errors in the configuration parameters than are other meters.

The MPM meter will perform within specifications, even if these configuration data vary within reasonable limits.