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Multiphase meters with Droplet Count Technology

droplets measured by multiphase meterMPM DropletCount® is a unique feature, that provides very accurate gas, condensate and water (3 phases) production measurements at ultra high Gas Volume Fractions (GVF). It is imperative for wetgas applications where the operator wants to determine if and when formation water is breaking through.   

The MPM Wetgas meter uses 3D Broadband® tomography principles, with enhanced venturi models, and water salinity measurements to perform measurements at wetgas flow conditions. For ultra high GVF’s the DropletCount® functionality is an add-on feature that contributes to significantly improving the measurement performance. It is capable of precise measurements of small quantities of liquid and is very tolerant towards uncertainties in fluid PVT properties (i.e. gas density and water properties). This is achieved by a patented methodology with unique properties compared to a gamma meter, and for which the measurement accuracy is better the higher is the GVF.

The meter performance can be further enhanced by adding the In-Situ Verification features provided by MPM. These features enable live verification of the configuration data (PVT) and the meter performance, and in-line measurement of gas density and permittivity (patented) to correct for any error in PVT configuration data.

Ultra high GVF's 
Applications with very high GVF’s impose special challenges for a wetgas meter to produce accurate flow measurements.For wetgas flows where the gas volume fraction can be close to 100%, the 3D Broadband® technology has proven its capabilities to measure virtually every droplet passing through the pipe, and splitting teh liquid into condensate and water. This has moved the MPM meter far beyond the capabilities of conventional flow measurement devices.