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The outstanding performance of the MPM High Performance Meter was initially proven in operator-driven qualification programs (JIP). Later on the excellent and unparalelled meter performamce  has been demonstrated and proven in many 3'rd party blind-tests and in a number of real field operations. 
In many cases the MPM meter is used for fiscal allocation; i.e. to split revenue between partners.   As such, the measurement accuracies for hydrocarbon, oil and gas flow rates obtained with the MPM meter are approaching the accuracy levels for single phase metering.

illustration showing the accuracy of multiphase meter

MEASUREMENT UNCERTAINTY SPECIFICATIONSa second illustration of the accuracy of the multiphase meter

MPM bases the measurement specifications on real-field test data, obtained during testing the meter at independent third party testing.

It should be noted that the MPM meter is NOT dependent on individual field calibrations prior to use, since it is factory calibrated and offers automatic field configuration. Further, due to the digital measurement principle the meter instrumentation is immune to drift.

The MPM meter specifications are thus based on a real-life operation, allowing and including real-life issues and effects such as:

  • site specific installation effects
  • reasonable uncertainties in the configuration parameters (PVT data)
  • natural variations in fluid properties
  • real-life variations in the flow regime (including slug flow)
There is unfortunately no uniform way to express measurement uncertainty for a muliphase or wetgas meter. This implies that meter vendors apply different basis for their specifications. Our specifications could have been even "better", if we'd based them on analytical calculations or testing at ideal lab conditions as do other vendors (see figure).  But since our meters are to be used in the real-life, and not in a lab, we prefer quoting specifications which have a true physical value.

Accuracy Specifications

MPM is specifying the measurement uncertainties in the following ways:

i. Cumulative basis
ii. Short period testing

Consistency between the two sets of specs has been demonstrated in the above mentioned field qualification tests as well as in all other tests.

Further details are provided in MPM's White Paper No 1, Unparalleled Measurement Accuracy and Sensitivity, that can be requested from

Annular gas concentration

The MPM meter performs tomographic measurements to determine if, and to what extent annular gas concentration is present in the flow. The meter automatically corrects the measurement for this effect, that otherwise could have led to large and unknown errors.