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What are the applications of MPM multiphase meters?

applications of mpm multiphase metersThe basic requirement of a multiphase or wetgas meter is to measure production rates of oil, water and gas. However, the applications and benefits of these measurements are many and varied.

Applications include: 

  • Production testing: routine testing of well fluid rates for the purpose of production allocation
  • Reservoir monitoring: close measurement of wellbore effects, PVT changes and reservoir performance with a view to increasing overall recovery
  • Remote operation: network connectivity allows remote operation of entire fields
  • Fiscal allocation: accurate measurement of fluid rates for the purpose of production and revenue sharing between partners and local authorities
  • Artificial lift optimization: feedback control of downhole pumps and gas lift systems for increased production and enhanced lift efficiency

However, across the spectrum of applications, the benefits of MPM meters are clear:

  • Reduced HSE risk as separators are replaced
  • Cost savings in footprint and surface area
  • Increased Oil Recovery
  • Reservoir optimisation
  • Well informed decision making
  • Accurate fiscal allocation
  • Early water detection

Photo credit: Statoil