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Unloading Skids

Unloading Skids
  • A perfect design on the basis of Smith Meter components as well as production processes that are entirely controlled, from the first concept to the on-schedule turnkey delivery to the customer.
  • Complete functional tests at typical operating conditions conducted at our in-house liquid testing facilities where the results can be validated by German Weights & Measures authorities.
  • Consultancy and outstanding customer service through FMC Technologies global network.

The technological spectrum coupled with reliable services makes FMC Technologies the preferred business partner for customers and end-users around the world.

The Smith Meter system modules have been designed to fulfill internal and logistical requirements as well as the regulations for the International and the European market:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED)
  • Directive 94/9/EC for Equipment and Protective Systems (ATEX) intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • National Weights & Measures directives such as the European Measurement Instrumentation Directive 2004/22/EC (MID)
  • Federal Immission Control Act TA-Luft (VOC regulations)


  • Skid mounted modular design with minimal footprint
  • Typical unloading rate up to 1,900 L/min
  • Online density measurement for immediate quality control
  • Option to support blending at product intake
  • Unloading process is fully automated
  • Cost savings through factory assembly and easy to install standardized modular design
  • Options for individual configurations
  • Full factory flow and functionality testing providing fault-free start up

Deareator VDR

The Cyclone technology based VDR provides 100% effective air release and is equipped with a controlled float valve, flame arrestor and level control sensors.

210 Type or optional 215 Digital Flow Control Valve

This valve is equipped with solenoid valves and is digitally controlled by the unloading controller.

Genesis™ Series Volume Flow Meter

This measurement element is a high-precision positive displacement flow meter which contains an integrated pulse output and temperature measurement.

AccuLoad Unloading Controller

This controller manages, stores and documents the entire unloading procedure. The controller communicates via various interfaces, e.g. an Ethernet interface.

Grounding Tester GT4

Provides the safety related to the risk of electrostatic discharges. The required grounding connection quality is verified and provided to the controller as continuously observed permissive.

L-Dens 427F Ex Density Sensor

This sensor combines high accuracy in a compact design for continuous measurement of density.

Standard Stainless Steel Standard Frame

Stainless Steel frames are entirely maintenance-free providing long service life. Design construction allows trouble-free transportation with forklifts.

Mark 3 Pump

  • Support trouble-free start-stop operations 
  • Superior adjustment and service capabilities 
  • Low wear and vibration design