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Prover Systems

Prover Systems

Flowmeters need to be calibrated to ensure accurate measurement. To accomplish this, proving systems are developed to reduce the uncertainty associated with meter performance. With its years of measurement and verification experience, FMC Technologies is well known for developing accurate proving systems to validate the petroleum industry's numerous critical custody transfer applications.

FMC Technologies offers complete portable or stationary proving systems for pipelines, tanker and barge loading and unloading operations and refiners. Employing unidirectional, bidirectional and compact prover technologies, FMC Technologies' prover systems incorporate industry-leading components to ensure the highest measurement excellence.

In partnership with Maloney Technical Products, FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions offers a complete line of heavy-duty, solid foam or inflatable proving spheres in a variety of elastomers and specialty materials. Maloney Pipeline Spheres are compression molded at cavity pressures exceeding 2,000 psi, yielding a wear-life that is unmatched in the industry.

With FMC Technologies prover systems and Maloney pipeline spheres, customers are ensured improved operational efficiency, reduced operating costs and accurate custody transfer measurement.