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Complete Load Gantry Skids for Terminal Upgrades

Gantry Skid

The Smith Meter system modules have been designed to fulfill internal and logistical requirements as well as the regulations for the International and the European market:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED)
  • Directive 94/9/EC for Equipment and Protective Systems (ATEX) intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • National Weights & Measures directives such as the European Measurement Instrumentation Directive 2004/22/EC (MID)
  • Federal Immission Control Act TA-Luft (VOC regulations)


  • Skid mounted multiple arm solutions with minimal footprint
  • Support of up to 6 loading arms per systems
  • Typical operating ranges from 250 L/min to 2,500 L/min
  • Designed for bottom, top and swing arm loading applications
  • Advanced support for additional blending streams
  • Cost savings through factory assembly and ease of installation
  • Options for individual configurations
  • Full factory flow and functionality testing providing fault-free start up
  • Comes with all approvals and certificates

System Standard Steel Frame

Hot dip galvanized steel frames provide a long service life. Optional coating is available on request. Design construction allows easy on-site transportation and skid erection. Left or right skid product supply line connections support convenient system integrations.

Unique System Modularity

Predesigned slots for multiple SlimLine Skid (SLS) metering modules allow gradual arm expansion per customer business demand. For future usage even top to bottom loading conversions may be offered.

Isolation Valves

On customer request manual or actuator operated isolation and fire safe ball valves are integrated. Upstream relieves for thermal expansion caused over pressures are part of the designs.™ or AccuLoad® Preset Controller

These load and blending controllers control, store, and document the entire loading procedure. They communicate via various interfaces, e.g. an Ethernet interface. By means of this interface, it is possible to connect to virtually any PC. License-free PC software is also provided.

Card Reader

The optional hazardous area approved card reader and cards are non-contact, proximity devices and permit a secure identification of users, vehicles, or customers.

Chiksan® Truck and Railcar Loading Arms

Built with the Chiksan® Series 2000 Swivel Joints, the Chiksan Loading Arm is the reliable solution to handle hazardous liquids such as oil products, petrochemical, and heated products. Loading arms and required couplings can be included or by customer choice and supply.

GT4 Grounding Tester

The GT4 Grounding testing block is designed for safe pumping of flammable fuels into top loading tank trucks or railway wagon. The GT4 signals the permission to the preset controller prior and during the entire loading process.