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Refined Product Terminal Unloading Skids



There are typically three applications for truck and rail car unloading at a marketing terminal.  On occasion, undelivered product can be off-loaded back to storage.  In a case where a product cannot be pipelined into a terminal, such as ethanol or biodiesel, product is delivered by truck, rail, or barge and is off-loaded to storage.  Many smaller bulk plants are not connected to main pipelines and receive all delivered product by truck, rail, or barge.  In all cases, the application is quite similar.

Meter unloading systems provide a reliable method of detecting air in the unloading process, helping to ensure an accurate reading of liquid levels.  This process protects the integrity of the measurement as well as the equipment in virtually any operating condition.

FMC Technologies is the only supplier worldwide who can provide all the required state-of-the-are technology components from its own product line that are designed into a complete metering skid fabrication.  The basic system module includes the entire measuring section from the supply line inlet connection through a wide range of components which includes strainers, air eliminators, custody transfer accurate meters, control valves, presets and other ancillary equipment.  FMC Technologies is the partner to consult with in order to deliver the right solution that meets your needs.