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In-Line Series Strainers

Inline Strainer

Smith Meter® In-Line Strainers provide protection for metering systems from dirt and foreign materials that can damage the system. Available in straight through sizes 2” to 8” or angle type sizes 4” to 6”, In-Line strainers feature a removable basket for easy cleaning and can operate in either horizontal or vertical orientations.


  • Designed according to ASME B31.3
  • NACE MR-01-75 compliance for products with hydrogen sulfide concentrations
  • 0.50” NPT differential pressure taps on the nozzles
  • PTFE elastomer standard
  • Basket seal
  • 1.50” NPT Cover vent connection to mount Air Release Kit for static air elimination


  • Air Release Kit
  • Basket Differential Pressure Gauge Kit