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215 Set-Stop Valve

215 Series Set Stop Valve
The Smith Meter® Model 215 Series Digital Control Valve is a high-performance valve with solenoid controlled, pneumatic/hydraulic actuators. It is typically used in conjunction with the Smith Meter AccuLoad family of electronic preset controllers.



  • Model 215 Wafer Sphere Valve- 3” to 12”
  • Model 215B V-Ball Valve- 1” to 3”
  • Operation is independent of fluid viscosity and pressure to assure proper control under virtually all operating conditions.
  • Wide fluid compatibility can be assured by proper selection of valve-wetted materials.
  • Fail-safe operation since valves are spring-loaded fail-to-close.
  • Pre-wired, explosion-proof junction box supplied as standard.
  • Main valve meets NACE MR-01-75 requirements.