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Aviation Meters

Aviation Metering

FMC Technologies non-ferrous single case aircraft fueling meters operate under the same proven principle that minimizes pressure drop across the measurement chamber to maximize accuracy and service life. Available in both straight-through or right-angle flow paths, the Smith Meter® PD meter is the ideal choice for aircraft fueling applications.


Aviation Meters*


  Inches (mm) 

  Max. Flow Rate 
 T-11-NF (Angle Type)

2 (50) 

100 (375) 

 F-210-NF (Angle Type)   

3 (75) 

250 (875) 

 SD or ASD-3-NF

3 (75) 

420 (1,600) 

 SF or ASF-4-NF

4 (100) 

800 (3,000) 

 ASG 100

4 (100) 

1,200 (4,600) 

 SG or ASG-6-NF

6 (150) 

1,200 (4,600) 

*Maximum working pressure: 150 psig (1,034 kPa)