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Beta and Delta Pumps

Sening Beta Pump

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used type of pumps. The Sening® centrifugal pumps BETA and DELTA are designed for transferring low-viscosity mineral oils from fuel oil tank trucks. Their compact design enables installation on most vehicle chassis.

The pump is driven by the power take-off drive unit (PTO) mounted to the vehicle gear-box. A wide range of input gear ratios and impellers are offered to adapt the flow rates to the requirements of most fuel oil tank trucks. As an alternative drive, a hydraulic motor drive is available for both pumps (HY).


  • Low wear, low maintenance, long life

  • Self-priming

  • Resistant to dirt particles in the fuel

  • Silent operation

  • High output through wet or dry hose

  • Variety of gear ratios are available for use of most cost-effective auxiliary gearbox

  • Versatile modular system to achieve different flow rates